Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I haven't Forgotten

It is amazing how quickly the end of the year comes and the beginning of a New Year starts. I have found myself trying to catch up in all my activities. I noticed that I was way behind in the blog.
The old year had a great ending as we were able to finish up the church ministry feeling like we ended on a high note considering the economy. We finished slightly ahead of last years giving despite being down over 15% heading into the final months of the year. We thank God that all things work to his glory and not of our own. We thank Him for providing us with the money and people but most of all the ability to spend his money on some things are church had been praying for. We thank Him for the new zero turn mower, the ice maker in the fellowship hall, and many other additions that end up well over $14,000.00. How much more can we brag about the Lord?
Well we can brag how we started the New Year with 1 baptism, 3 new people who joined the church that day, and many new visitors coming. We are in prayer asking the Lord to continue to show us His way in our ministry here at Grace. The Lord deserves all the credit for without him we are nothing. I am so glad I am part of a living organism rather a member of an organization. I am sure glad I can sing before the Lord in all circumstances knowing that my God is in control of all things.
We look forward to a great 2010 and we ask you to continue to pray for us as we ministry to a sick and dying world who is in need of the great Physician.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It is all about the heart!

As we started a new series on Sunday mornings entitled "The Lord is able to give thee much more than this." we talked about the heart of Amaziah. The bible said that his heart was not perfect in the Lord. I wonder of the Lord could say that about many people today who confess to know Him but don't really want to live for Him.
Through a series of test results my oldest daughter Moriah came home with a heart monitor. It is supposed to read her heart levels through out the day. She has been experiencing some difficulties and we believe it is asthma related but the doctor wants to rule any problems with the heart. So I got to drill her one more time in some basketball drills and more running.
I wonder if we were all attached to a heart monitor and could see the results like the Lord sees our hearts would it change our view on how we are living for the Lord? Imagine at the end of the day knowing where we stood spiritually before the Lord. I know the Lord already knows our heart but that is not the problem. The problem is do we know our hearts?
As any preacher would just like I did Sunday I would ch allege us to guard our hearts because it doesn't take much for a luke warm heart to grow cool and then cold against God. How is your heart?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pastor Appreciation

I want to thank all those of Grace Baptist Church for taking the time to have a Pastor's appreciation day. The cakes were outstanding especially the one I got to take home. The cards were all kind and encouraging. The money was appreciated and the gift certificates will definitely not go to waste. Thanks you so much for coming and giving.

It is hard to believe that we have finished our 8Th year and now working on our 9Th. How time seems to fly. Our children were little and have grown up so much in these last 8 years. Then as we look back and see that the church family kids have grown as well it is amazing. I wasn't sure what the Lord would have in store for us 8 years ago when we arrived and I am not sure what He has in store for us in the future but whatever it is it will be good. Our Lord is able to give us the joy we need when we follow him in obedience.

Thanks once again for making this night a special night but also a church where people like you make a difference.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Christian Life

As I start a new Series for the month of October "The Christian Life" is a reminder that we are looked upon in the world to be different. We are commissioned to carry the word of God the very light into a dark world. How can it be that we often fail to do so? Just this week we read onace again how a local pastor is arrested for molestation. How could this happen? What does this do the name that we abide by, being called a Christian?
I think most have forgotten who we do represent. I think more people today have pleasure in the world then they do in Christ. The results? Just look around and you can see that Chrstianity in the United States seems to be losing steam. Where are the Christians in America and what is worse how could they have allowed things get to this point?
I guess everyone has ananswer but the way I see it we have etertained the ways of the devil so much that we have now forgotten what is right and what is evil. Who would ever thought that churches of today would promote homesexuals to God's pulpits in America? Have we gotten so far from the truth that we have put everyone under the banner of Christian that we must repsond to their needs to be accepted?
Perhaps many church leaders need to go back through the book of 1st-3rd John to read how John gave the truth to the church to be guided by. The same truth given to the church then is good for today. He said that we may know the truth. The truth is we need to get back to living up to the meaning of the word Christian. It would diffinetly would change America once again.
The truth? The Christian lilfe is the best life if we decide to live it like the Lord has plan for us.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yeah Me It's My Birthday

It is that time of the year once again. It is the annual day of my birthday. I do not feel any different on this day and my routine is the normal by spending most of my day at the church. However, it is a day that is a set aside to celebrate another year. Monica and the girls made me a peach cobbler and Lily insisted on putting all the candles she could in it. There were so many candles Monica could have pulled it out if the oven a little sooner and let all the candles continue to cook the cobbler. For the first time in my life I got a text to say Happy Birthday, a phone call from Isabella with her version of Happy Birthday, and many more from my mom, in-laws, and friends.
Although my birthday is special to me it is not the most important birthday to be celebrated. The day my Lord was born was the most important date to celebrate. For if it was not for his birth, my birthday would remind me that my life would end without any hope of a future. His birth is very important regardless of the debate in America on what is proper when it comes to the Christmas holidays. We Christians know that the season is not about making money but making much of the MASTER!
When I die my birthday celebrations will cease. Yet, in the life of Christ we still celebrate his life after the resurrection. We still keep count an look back at his death because it gives us hope that we Christians will stand with him for eternity. I thank the Lord for another year I can celebrate my birthday but I can I thank him most for his birth and his death.
Therefore I am looking to the author and finisher of all my birthdays!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Prayer Still Works

I am coming to an end of preaching an 8 week Sunday morning series on "God Still Answers Prayer." I personally believe God wants to answer our prayers and especially prayers that bring the glory of God to light here on earth.
After preaching the other night at the local women's prison you can see the desire of many ladies that wants prayers to be answered. So many of them have learned that repeating sin over and over is not worth cost that it brings. Several ladies have a desire to see the Lord help them have the strength to break that chain of wrong decisions. As we pray with these ladies I believe my God can give them the strength to do so and give them wisdom on the right choices in their life.
It shows me that everyone is looking for God to do something in their life. I know I have petitions before the Lord as things I like to see God do in my life, as well as my family, and the church that I Pastor. All prayers also need some feet. I need to make sure that I live in the will of God. For my prayers to be answered then I must be willing to live for the Lord in all aspects of my life and sadly many people want God to be their genie in a bottle. My God is not a genie he is the King of kings, and Lord of lords. I sure glad that I have One who knows me and understands me when I pray.
I hope that many have enjoyed the series and realize there are some things we can pray for and God will say yes every time. As I reflect back in my life I am sure glad that he didn't answer some prayers for I know I would not be where I am today. Thank You Lord for giving what you wanted me to have in my life and not what I wanted!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back From Vacation

It is often great to get away and that is what we tried to do. We were able to spend time on the Atlantic Ocean for 8 nights. It was sure a change for all of us. To be able to sleep with the doors open to feel the ocean breeze and to hear the ocean all the time was such a refreshing change. To eat by the ocean, to walk on the shore, and to be a testimony as well. I took a moment to build a sand castle with my daughter but I also took the time to build my own master piece. I piled the sand up and carved out a bible to leave behind as a witness. I watched from the balcony of our room to see people stop and look at it and thank God no one tore it down.
As we piled many memories up in our time away we understand that even being 91/2 hours away from home we still were meet with problems and sad news. We are so glad to know that no matter how far away from home we may be we have a God that watches over us no matter where we are. We are thankful that he kept an ever so close eye upon us that we were able to travel and return home safely.
By mentioning our return home safely the sad news we received while we were gone was the last breath that one of our good brothers in Christ, Charles Clark. I am happy to report to you that he made home safely!!! There is no doubt that his testimony was sure to all of us on whom he loved and whom he put his trust in. In the last year Brother Charles made great strides in his witnessing for his Lord. Many hospital personal was presented the chance to know the same Lord he knew. What is so great also is to see someone who truly loves the Lord to die with what I call "dying grace" keeping his eyes upon Jesus. Brother Charles who has safely made it home is now waiting for all of us to arrive.
Normally getting back into reality takes a few days. I am glad to say we are back into reality as I got back to fill the pulpit once again. It was a great day at Grace. I was so thankful the day went so well. From the prayer meeting at 8:30 in the morning to the last goodbye Sunday night the sweet fellowship of our brother and sisters and the fellowship with the Holy Spirit made it a great day even though I didn't get a nap.
It's good to be back home!